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LHC Programme Coordinator (LPC) : Jamie Boyd  (CERN / EP)
Deputy : Christoph Schwick  (CERN / EP)
LPC: 79977 Mandate

LHC lumi plots (tables) LHC luminosity plots
pp 2016 2015 2012 2011 2010
Ions 2016 2015 2013 2011 2010

Important LHC commissioning steps 2016 (will be frequently updated)

Heavy Ion (Proton Lead) configuration 2016

LHC 2016 accelerator schedule   (archive)

Evian 2015 LHC Beam Operation workshop (15-17 Dec)

Chamonix 2016 LHC Performance Workshop (25-28 Jan)



Email :
LPC Phone: 79977
LHC Operations (CCC): 77600
Technical Infrastructure Desk (CCC): 72201

LPC Meetings

For Indico pages see here.
For minutes and summaries see here

Filling Schemes

Filling Scheme Viewer
Overview Table
Fill – Scheme association
Filling Scheme Editor
Evaluation of various filling schemes for different scenarios in 2017
Download of Java scheme viewer attaching to LHC database
Webservice to retrieve the filling scheme for a given fill.

LPC Tools

Simple Lumi CalculatorReloaded
Scheduling Toy Tool
Various performance plots

LHC Live Info

LHC Statistics Page
LHC Morning Meetings
LHC status vistars: Page1, Coordination, Operation, Dashboard
Logging database (timber)

LHC Reference Info

Machine Development Coordination (Schedules, ...)
LHC Operations
LHC Machine Committee (LMC)
Performance Notes
DIP data Wiki
Luminosity Calibration
Experiments' background definition for Run 2 from LBS Meeting

LHC Panels and Working Groups

LHC Beam Operation Committee: LBOC
LHC Studies Working Group: LSWG
LHC Background and Beam Conditions: LBS
Machine Protection Panel: MPP
Tunnel Region Experiments: TREX
LHC Luminosity Calibration and Monitoring Working Group: LCMWG (meetings in the LPC Indico area)
Access/Safety: BFSP

LHC layouts and nomenclature LHC Integration , Insertion Regions in CDD , LHC geometry, Transfer lines: TI8 in CDD , TI2 in CDD
BLM names , BPM timber mapping file
Magnets of experiments

Short notes: CMS solenoid, LHCb dipole, ATLAS solenoid+toroids, ALICE solenoid and dipole
Publications: ATLAS ref1, ref2 Effect on beams: LHC-OP, LHCCWG 36 & 42, Cham XV, LPN419, IR8 conventions, Cham 2011

Other links LHCC (Indico pages here), LPCC
Injector complex SPS user pages, SPS Status: Page1


Run Coordinator Siegfried Foertsch Alessandro Cerri Greg Rakness
Silvia Goy Lopez
Patrick Robbe Lorenzo Bonechi Mario Deile
Deputy Grazia Luparello Alexander Oh Lucia Silvestris
Sudarshan Paramesvaran
Federico Alessio Oscar Adriani
(deputy spokesperson)
Joachim Baechler


LHC Literature/Documentation: Links:
LHC-Experiments specifications Acronyms and definitions , Handshake , Beam Modes , DIP data exchange (old)
LHC Performance Notes in CDS
LHC Filling schemes LPN415 , EDMS doc , LPN323 , LPN401
Timing, RF, definitions, bunch numerology RF-TTC FAQ
Overall strategy for early luminosity operation with protons EDMS doc
LHC Design Report vol. 1 "Main Ring"
LHC Access System EDMS node
LHC layouts around experiments in CDD
TED dose/rate simulation (cern-tis-2003-013-rp-tn) in EDMS
Heavy Ions J. Jowett (Chamonix 2009), R. Alemany Fernandez (Chamonix 2015)
Beam Energy measurement/uncertainty J. Wenninger talk at LPCC/LHC Top WG , J. Wenninger Note (CERN-ATS-2013-040)
Latest LHC-Experiments workshops: Links:
LHC Lumi Days 2011, 2012

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