LHC Commissioning Plan 2018

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This table is updated continuously. Dates in the future are likely to change. This table only contains the most important LHC commissioning steps which are relevant for the experiments. The main commissioning schedule is maintained by LHC experts and the link is available from the LPC Home Page.


22/03/2018Handshake testsThe machine will cycle through the following beam modes once with Accelerator mode "Beam Setup" and once with Accelerator mode "Proton Physics". Afterwards the handshake should stay operational in the experiments.
26/03/2018CMS opens valvesCommissioning with beam can start (after the vacuum is established)
27/03/2018Shots on TEDsBeam will reach the TEDs in IP2 and IP8. (ALICE might want to take some splash events)
30/03/2018First beam in LHCFirst beam injected into the LHC. This will mean some splashes. First steps Injection, threading with splashes, first turn, RF capture B1&B2, closed orbit.
06/04/2018Dedicated splashes
Splashes for ATLAS and CMS. Start at ~10am. 10 splashes with 2e9 protons on each side
10/04/2018AccessPossible access for experiments (around 8 hours)
12/04/2018Nominal NSB Collisions
First collisions without stable beams at full energy with nominal bunch intensity
13/04/2018RP alignmentRoman pot alignment and calibration data taking.
17/04/2018First SB (3b fill)Estimate  for the first 3b fill with Stable beams. First fill >5 hours. Total of 20 hours with 3b and 12b fills
18/04/2018AccessAccess planned from 8:00 to 13:00 
Test session for low E high beta*.Test session at injection energy. Afterwards we will decide if we stay at injection energy or we will move to 1.8 TeV centre of mass energy.