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LHC Filling Schemes viewer application

To obtain details about a filling scheme, start the LHC Injection Scheme Display  - NOTE: this only works from inside the CERN network

Please note that the to avoid duplications and inconsistencies the old file based repository is now deprecated. All filling schemes must be accessed trough the official Java application.

For backward compatibility the Java application can generate a text file with the usual format for any selected scheme

Please note that all LHC Java applications cannot be run by the standard Java Webstart (javaws). A replacement (jws) is provided and must be installed in your machine.

The terminal server and several CERN supported machine have jws installed and configured. For installation on other windows and linux supported machines look here. Instructions for MAC can be found here.

Guidelines for understanding the filling scheme names

Base structure:     <spacing>_<Nb>b_<IP1/5>_<IP2>_<IP8>_<code>


<spacing> = Single, or 2025ns, or 525ns, or 75ns, or 50ns, or 25ns, etc.. This refers to the characteristic bunch spacing in the main injector batches used for the given filling scheme. Single means that single bunches are injected into the LHC.

<Nb> = total number of bunches per beam for the given filling scheme (normally, identical for both beams). If a probe bunch is kept (i.e. not overinjected), it is not counted in the total number. The presence of a non-overinjected probe bunch is encoded in the suffix <code>.

<IP1/5> = expected number of colliding bunch pairs in IP1 (or IP5) for the given filling scheme

<IP2> = expected number of colliding bunch pairs in IP2 for the given filling scheme

<IP8> = expected number of colliding bunch pairs in IP8 for the given filling scheme

<code> = a free suffix to encode variants of a filling scheme

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