LHC Commissioning Plan 2017

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This table is updated continuously. Dates in the future are likely to change. This table only contains the most important LHC commissioning steps which are relevant for the experiments. The main commissioning schedule is maintained by LHC experts and the link is available from the LPC Home Page.


28/04/2017Experiments handshakeFrom now on experiments should be ready to answer correctly to handshake requests from the machine. This is important to make a smooth LHC commissioning possible.
28/04/2017TED shots for ALICEDetails to be organised with machine coordination.
29/04/2017First beam; threading During the threading of the beams through the LHC splashes are expected at the experiments. These splashes are not intended for commissioning in the experiments since later a dedicated session will be organised for this. However experiments of course may take data during these splashes. 
03/05/2017Access from 9h00 to 14h00Access for LHC and experiments to tackle various issues.
04/05/2017Commissioining with nominals.First commissioning steps with nominal bunches.
06/05/2017Arm & Dump 8 hours Arm and Dump during the night (an exercise without beam which can be used by experiments for commissioning steps which are incompatible with beam).
07/05/2017Aperture measurementsReference orbit and cycle to the end of squeeze with bumps followed by aperture measurements (at 40cm). Afterwards the discussion on how much the beam can be vertically displaced in CMS can resume.
09/05/2017Splashes for CMS/ATLAS/ALICE10 splashes for ATLAS/CMS in each direction + 30mins of TED shots for ALICE. Possibly variation of bunch intensity during ATLAS shots (in the range 3e9 - 7e9).
10/05/2017Access in the morningAn access of which also the experiments can profit is planned for the morning.
10/05/2017Collisions with probesTry to find collisions with probes (after ramp and squeeze). If collisions cannot be found in an IP no time will be spent further on this since the collisions will be repeated with nominal bunches a bit later. Of course NO stable beams during this exercise.
11/05/2017Collisions with nominalsTO BE CONFIRMED BY THE MPP AND LMC: Try to find collisions with nominal bunches. (2 nominals with one collision in each experiment.)
Experiments should publish their BPTX related data (being on LHC clock) during this period.
17/05/2017Alignment of PotsSome calibrations data taking for intermediate crossing angles MIGHT happen at a later stage.
Possibility of Stable BeamsStable Beams might be scheduled on Monday. During this week there might be additional fills with Stable Beams but this is not guaranteed.
29/05/201724 hours scrubbingTo prepare for the usage of trains with 48b.
30/05/2017 - 31/05/2017~30h technical stop in InjectorsTo remove an aperture restriction in SPS (needed to give full intensity to fixed target programme).
02/06/2017Crossing Angle anti leveling testIn the second 600b fill it is foreseen to perform a crossing angle anti-leveling test. The leveling steps will be executed as foreseen in the future with the exception that the machine will switch to Adjust for the actual leveling. Care has to be taken that the Pots are driven to the parking position BEFORE going to Adjust.