LHC Commissioning Plan 2022

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This table is updated continuously. Dates in the future are likely to change. This table only contains the most important LHC commissioning steps which are relevant for the experiments. The main commissioning schedule is maintained by LHC experts and the link is available from the LPC Home Page.


13/04/2022TI2/TI8 Beam testBeam will reach the TEDs in IP2 and IP8.
22/04/2022First beam in LHCFirst beam injected into the LHC. This will mean some splashes. First steps Injection, threading with splashes, first turn, RF capture B1&B2, closed orbit.
27/04/2022AccessVIP visit in afternoon. Access to caverns possible
28/04/2022Dedicated splashesSplashes for ALICE, ATLAS, CMS. 40 splashes on each side for CMS, 25-30 splashes on each side for ATLAS with lowest possible intensity.
20-30 splashes on either side (TDI/TCT) for ALICE
07/05/2022Dedicated splashes (backup)Additional splashes for experiments
10/05/2022TS for VELO installationPlanned start of VELO installation
19/05/2022Restart of beam operationsEnd of VELO installation and pump-down
27/05/20221st fill with 900 GeV SBFirst round of collisions fills for detector commissioning
02/06/2022Horizontal muons IP1
Scraping of blown-up bunch at IP1 to produce horizontal muons for detector commissioning.
About 1 hour per side
03/06/20222nd fill with 900 GeV SBSecond set of collisions for detector commissioning
13/06/20223rd fill with 900 GeV SB
Third set of collisions for detector commissioning
04/06/2022Non-linearity measurements
ATLAS and CMS non-linearity measurements
20/06/20224th fill with 900 GeV SB
Fourth set of collisions for detector commissioning
23/06/2022RP alignmentRoman pot alignment including some RP data-taking at different beta* values (actual date TBD)
24/06/2022Loss mapsPlan to do parasitic background measurements (actual date TBD)
01/07/20224th fill with 900 GeV SBLast fill of collisions for detector commissioning (actual date TBD).
For sign-off before 13.6 TeV collisions
05/07/2022First 13.6 TeV SBFirst fill at Run 3 top energy.
Media event planned.