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To edit a schedule first select a pre-defined schedule of the year you are interested in. Then you can start editing the schedule by clicking with the mouse into the category you want to edit (i.e. in the colored box of the small table on the top of the page, summarising the different categories). Then you click into the first day in the calendar to which you want to apply this category and drag it to the last day of the period you want to mask. When you release the mouse all days between the start and stop days will be associated to the selected category.

Bare in mind that the dragging only works in the direction towards later days.

Once you have edited your preferred schedule you can save your work in a configruation string: click on the "Load / Save configuration" button. A box with a long string containing the categories of all days of the year appears. Copy this string and save it into a file for later usage. To reload this configuration paste the previously saved configruation string into the lower box and click on "Load configuration".

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