LPC meeting summary 11-01-2016 - final

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Minutes and Summary

Main purpose of the meeting: Presentation of the new LPC and discussion on the Heavy Ion programme in 2016 and up to LS2.

Introduction (Jamie Boyd)

Jamie introduced the new LPC and presented some procedural/organisational details for the LPC in the coming years. Details can be found the slides.

Experiments have been reminded to provide the LPC with updated email contacts. Preferred by the LPC are e-groups which are maintained by the experiments themselves.

Experiments have been reminded to provide the "Massi-Files" for 2015 if not yet done. These files are useful for the LHC to study and understand luminosity related effects which is beneficial for all experiments.

2016 will be a luminosity production year. In this meeting the possible options for HI running in 2016 and 2018 should be worked out (in view of the conflicting requests from the experiments presented in the LPC meeting 12/2015). In addition the special running periods will be discussed briefly.

Two important LHC constraints for the HI period are:

  1. The machine strongly prefers to run Pb-Pb in 2018 in order to be able to switch off the proton injectors at the beginning of the HI period. Failure to do so could result in an extension of the LS2 shutdown by approximately a month.
  2. It is not possible to run with Argon Ions in 2016, and it is unknown (however unlikely) if it is possible to do so in 2018. However experiments are requested to discuss this option with the LHCC referees as an option for Run 3, if interested.

The following notes do not repeat or summarise the contents of the slides but summarise the understanding from the discussions during the meeting.

First thoughts on choice of energy for p-Pb in 2016 (John Jowett)

ALICE (Federico Ronchetti)

ATLAS (Brian Cole)

CMS (Silvia Goy Lopez)

LHCb (Federico Alessio)

Totem (Mario Deile, oral contribution)

LHCf (Lorenzo Bonechi)

Summary on HI scenario

  1. Argon in Run 1 should not be further considered. However experiments are asked to discuss a possible Argon run in Run 3 with the LHCC committee.
  2. Experiments agree that a proton reference run, if necessary, could be taken in 2017
  3. The discussion resulted in the following remaining options for the HI programme in 2016/18
    2016 2018 Remarks
    p-Pb 8 TeV Pb-Pb

    Strongly disfavoured by ALICE.

    Supported by ATLAS and CMS.

    LHCf would take data during the p-Pb 8 TeV run

    LHCb supports either of these options
    p-Pb 5 TeV Pb-Pb

    Strongly disfavoured by ATLAS / CMS.

    Pb Pb Pb Pb

    Favoured by ATLAS. Supported by CMS.

    Disfavoured by ALICE / LHCb.

  4. The outcome of this meeting concerning the HI period will be discussed with Eckhard Elsen on Wednesday.
  5. The request for data taking at 90 m β* will be followed up by the LPC

Next LPC

Next monday the LPC overlaps with a workshop on MD in 2015. The LPC tries to organise a meeting on Tuesday afternoon the 19/1/2016. Main topic of the meeting will be the talk of the LPC (Jamie) to be given in Chamonix.