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Guidelines for naming the filling schemes:

Use:     <spacing>_<Nb>b_<IP1/5>_<IP2>_<IP8>_<code>


<spacing> = Single, or 2025ns, or 525ns, or 75ns, or 50ns, or 25ns, etc.. This refers to the characteristic bunch spacing in the main injector batches used for the given filling scheme. Single means that single bunches are injected into the LHC.

<Nb> = total number of bunches per beam for the given filling scheme (normally, identical for both beams). If a probe bunch is kept (i.e. not overinjected), it is not counted in the total number. The presence of a non-overinjected probe bunch is encoded in the suffix <code>.

<IP1/5> = expected number of colliding bunch pairs in IP1 (or IP5) for the given filling scheme

<IP2> = expected number of colliding bunch pairs in IP2 for the given filling scheme

<IP8> = expected number of colliding bunch pairs in IP8 for the given filling scheme

<code> = a free suffix to encode variants of a filling scheme


  1. the 2009 4x4_c scheme should be renamed as single_4b_2_2_2_c.

  2. the 2009 4x4_c+shift (no overinjection)  scheme goes to single_4b_2_2_2_cwp (wp=with probe or with pilot)

  3. etc.

LHC Filling Schemes viewer application:

To obtain details about a filling scheme, start the LHC Injection Scheme Display

Filling schemes can be sorted according to <spacing>  filter schemes

Or view the files below...

25ns schemes:

25ns_60b+1small_58_36_36_24bpi4inj.txt   ,   visualize

50ns schemes:

new in 2012:

50ns_1380b_1380_0_1274_144bpi12inj.txt   ,   50ns_1380b_1377_0_1274_144bpi12inj.txt   ,   50ns_852b_807_0_816_108bpi13inj.txt   ,   50ns_480b_471_0_461_72bpi12inj.txt   ,   50ns_88b_75_0_60_36bpi4inj.txt     


50ns_1380b_1331_0_1320_144bpi12inj.txt   ,   visualize

50ns_1380b+1small_1318_39_1296_144bpi13inj.txt   ,   visualize    (LDB: 50ns_1380b+1small_1318_39_1296_144bpi)

50ns_1236b+1small_1180_37_1152_144bpi13inj.txt   ,  visualize   (LDB: 50ns_1236b+1small_1180_37_1152_144bpi)

50ns_1092b+1small_1042_35_1008_144bpi13inj.txt  , visualize    (LDB: 50ns_1092b+1small_1042_35_1008_144bpi)

50ns_1104b+1small_1042_35_1008_108bpi_ob.txt  , visualize

50ns_1092b+1small_1042_35_1008_108bpi13inj.txt   , visualize    (LDB: 50ns_1092b+1small_1042_35_1008_108bpi)

50ns_912b+1small_874_9_876_108bpi11inj.txt   , visualize

50ns_912b+1small_874_20_864_108bpi11inj.txt , visualize

50ns_840b_807_0_816_108bpi12inj.txt   , visualize

50ns_768b+1small_700_7_756_108bpi11inj.txt  , visualize

50ns_768b+1small_700_16_756_72bpi15inj_b.txt , visualize         (NB: some trains advanced by 50ns...)

50ns_624b+1small_598_16_576_72bpi11inj_b.txt , visualize         (NB: some trains advanced by 50ns...)

50ns_480b+1small_424_14_468_72bpi11inj.txt , visualize

50ns_480b+1small_424_12_468_36bpi15inj.txt , visualize

50ns_336b+1small_322_14_288_72bpi7inj.txt , visualize              (LDB: 50ns_336b+1small_322_14_288_72b)

50ns_336b+1small_322_12_288_36bpi11inj.txt , visualize             (LDB: 50ns_336b+1small_322_12_288_36b)

50ns_264b_249_0_240_36bpi8inj.txt , visualize

50ns_264b+1small_250_25_216_36bpi9inj.txt   ,   visualize

50ns_228b+1small_214_12_180_36bpi8inj.txt , visualize               (LDB: 50ns_228b+1small_214_12_180_36bpi_8inj)

50ns_48b+1small_10_0_36_36bpi3inj.txt , visualize               (LDB: 50ns_48b+1small_10_0_36_36bpi3inj)

75ns schemes:

75ns_200b_194_178_188_24bpi9inj.txt , visualize

75ns_136b+4small_138_102_105_24bpi11inj.txt , visualize

75ns_64b+4small_66_52_56_8bpi12inj.txt , visualize

75ns_32b+4small_34_26_28_8bpi8inj.txt , visualize

525ns scheme for 1.38 TeV run 2011:

525ns_72+4small_64_48_16_8bpi9inj.txt , visualize           (should have been 525ns_72+4small_64_48_16_8bpi13inj... Sorry!)

525ns_80b+4small_68_64_32_8bpi14inj.txt , visualize

Individual bunch schemes:

Single_11b+1small_10_1_1_HighPileUp.txt   ,    visualize   (for end of Oct 2011 high pile-up test)

Single_2b+12small_13_1_1_1bpi14inj.txt   , visualize   (for Oct 2011 Roman Pot beam-based alignment, should have been named Single_2b+13small_14_1_1_1bpi15inj)

Single_1b+9small_7_6_6_1bpi10inj.txt  , visualize          (for May 2011 Roman Pot beam-based alignment)

Single_38b+1small_14_16_22_4bpi11inj.txt , visualize          (was used for May 2011 VdM scans)

Single_2b_1_1_1.txt  (was 2x2_a)


Single_4b_2_2_2_c.txt  (was 4x4_c)









Single_14b_9_8_8.txt   Single_14b_9_8_8_b.txt

Single_19b_6_1_12_allVdm.txt   visualize

Single_16b_3_1_12_allVdm.txt   visualize

Single_16b_3_1_12_allVdmB.txt   visualize

Single_5b_5_2_1.txt   visualize

Multi-bunch schemes:

2500ns_25b_16_16_16.txt  (alias Multi_25b_16_16_16.txt)

1250ns_48b_36_16_36.txt (alias Multi_48b_36_16_36.txt)

1000ns_50b_35_14_35.txt   visualize

1000ns_47b_32_14_32.txt    visualize

150ns schemes:

150ns_24b_16_16_16_8bpi.txt   visualize

150ns_52b_45_4_45_4bpi.txt    visualize

150ns_56b_47_16_47_8bpi.txt   visualize

150ns_104b_93_8_93_8bpi.txt   visualize

150ns_152b_140_16_140_8bpi.txt   visualize

150ns_152b_140_16_140_8bpi19injB.txt   visualize

150ns_152b_140_16_140_8+8bpi11inj.txt   visualize

150ns_152b_136_16_136_4x4bpi11inj.txt   visualize

150ns_200b_186_8_186_8+8bpi17inj.txt   visualize

150ns_248b_233_16_233_3x8bpi15inj.txt   visualize

150ns_312b_295_16_295_3x8bpi19inj.txt    visualize

150ns_368b_348_15_344_4x8bpi19inj.txt   visualize

150ns_424b_384_13_384_4x8bpi15inj.txt   visualize

Pb ion filling schemes:

200ns_358b_356_336_0_24bpi15inj_IONS.txt    visualize

200ns_170b_168_168_0_24bpi9inj_IONS.txt    visualize

500ns_137b_129_130_0_8bpi18inj_IONS.txt   visualize

500ns_121b_113_114_0_4bpi31inj_IONS.txt   visualize

500ns_69b_65_66_0_4bpi18inj_IONS.txt   visualize

500ns_17b_16_16_0_4bpi5inj_IONS.txt   visualize

Single_9b_8_8_0_1bpi9inj_IONS.txt     visualize

Single_2b_1_1_0_1bpi2inj_IONS.txt   visualize

Single_5b_4_4_0_1bpi5inj_IONS.txt   visualize

2009 filling schemes:

Deprecated 2009 names: 2x2 a, 4x4 a and b , c , d (never used, came later), 16x16 a and b (never used), 8x8 (never used)

Literature references:

  1. "Standard Filling Schemes for Various LHC Operation Modes", R. Bailey and P. Collier, LHC-Project-note-323.

  2. "Alternative bunch filling schemes for the LHC", G. Arduini, W. Herr, E. Métral, T. Pieloni, LHC-Project-note-401.

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