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Mandate  ----   Current LHC Programme Coordinator (LPC): Benedetto Gorini  (CERN / PH), Emilio Meschi  (CERN / PH)
----   Former LHC Programme Coordinator (LPC): Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi  (CERN / PH)

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CCC phones: LHC Operations 77600     ---   Technical Infrastructure Desk  72201

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LHC 2015 draft accelerator schedule new

LHC statistics page

Chamonix 2014 LHC Performance Workshop (22-25 Sep)

Evian 2014 LHC Beam Operation workshop (2-5 Jun)


LPC Meetings For agenda and summaries see Indico pages here
LHC quick info LHC Statistics Page
2011 LHC operation Latest News  , 2010 operation news
LHC status vistars: LHC-1 (LHC Page1) , LHC-Coordination
, LHC-Operation , LHC Dashboard
LHC commissioning with beams , LHC logging database (timber) , LHC-OP logbook
Acronyms and definitions , Handshake , Beam Modes , PostMortem , Filling schemes , LHC DIP data , LHC Expts DIP Data
Home LHC Operations , LHC Beam Operation Committee , Machine Developments (LSWG)
LHC Machine Committee: LMC
(Past committees and working groups: LHC-PerC
LHC Target Parameters 2008 , Parameters for 2010
Hardware commissioning  , Injection tests , LHC commissioning 2009 , Performance Notes
Injector complex SPS user pages , SPS Status: Page1
Panels and Working Groups LHC Background and Beam Conditions: LBS
Machine Protection Panel: MPP
Tunnel and Experiments: LTEX 
Bunch Current Normalisation: BCNWG
LHC Logging DB for Data Analysis: LDB4DA
Access/Safety: BFSP
LHC layouts and nomenclature LHC Integration , Insertion Regions in CDD , LHC geometry, Transfer lines: TI8 in CDD , TI2 in CDD 
BLM names , BPM timber mapping file
Magnets of experiments Short notes: CMS solenoid , LHCb dipole , ATLAS solenoid+toroids  , ALICE solenoid+dipole
Publications: ATLAS ref1 , ref2
Effect on beams: LHC-OP , LHCCWG 36 & 42, Cham XV , LPN419 , IR8 conventions , Cham 2011
LHCC Home , see Indico pages here.
LHC Physics Centre at Cern LPCC home , MinBias&UnderlyingEvt WGRate Normalisation WG
Luminosity calibration see here

TOPIC COORDINATION ALICE contact ATLAS contact CMS contact LHCb contact LHCf contact TOTEM contact
Beam scheduling LPC with MC Gilda Scioli Thilo Pauly
(Stephanie Zimmermann)
Maria Chamizo
(Greg Rakness)
Andreas Schopper
(Richard Jacobsson)
Daniela Macina Mario Deile
Timing (web) Sophie Baron Anton Jusko
(Marian Krivda)
Thilo Pauly Jan Troska Richard Jacobsson Daniela Macina Walter Snoeys
Beam Conditions (LBS) Helmut Burkhardt
(Daniela Macina,
Alick Macpherson)
Antonello Di Mauro
(Andreas Morsch)
Witold Kozanecki &
Siegfried Wenig
Nicola Bacchetta Gloria Corti &
Richard Jacobsson
Daniela Macina Mario Deile
Beam Interlocks & Handshake (MPP) Jörg Wenninger
(Alick Macpherson)
Antonello Di Mauro Siegfried Wenig Nicola Bacchetta Richard Jacobsson Anne-Laure Perrot Mario Deile
Access system Laurette Ponce Andre Augustinus Olga Beltramello Christoph Schaefer Eric Thomas Anne-Laure Perrot Federico Ravotti
Lumi calibration (link) LPC & Helmut Burkhardt Antonello di Mauro (Ken Oyama) Witold Kozanecki Nicola Bacchetta Vladik Balagura Kazyua Taki Mario Deile
Bunch Current Normalisation (BCNWG) LPC with LHC-BI Martino Gagliardi Witold Kozanecki Andrzej Zuranski Vladik Balagura Kazyua Taki Mario Deile
LHC Logging DB for Data Analysis (LDB4DA) Ronny Billen Latchezar Betev, Michele Floris Eric Torrence, David Miller William Badgett Jaap Panman -- --


LHC Literature/Documentation: Links:
LHC-Experiments specifications Acronyms and definitions , Handshake , Beam Modes , DIP data exchange (old)
LHC Performance Notes in CDS
LHC Filling schemes LPN415 , EDMS doc , LPN323 , LPN401
Timing, RF, definitions, bunch numerology RF-TTC FAQ
Overall strategy for early luminosity operation with protons EDMS doc
LHC Chamonix Workshops XII, XIII, XIV, XV, eLTC , LHC Mini-Chamoni jul-2011 , LHC-Perf-Workshop-1, 2 , 3
LHC operations workshop Evian2010, Evian2010bis
LHC Design Report vol. 1 "Main Ring"
LHC Access System EDMS node
LHC layouts around experiments in CDD
TED dose/rate simulation (cern-tis-2003-013-rp-tn) in EDMS
Heavy Ions J. Jowett Cham09

LHC-Experiments workshops: Links:
LHC Lumi Days Jan2011
Joint LBS-LPC meeting Jan2009
Experimental Conditions and Beam-Induced Background Apr2008
Experiment Protection and Beam Failures Jun2007
Luminosity Monitoring and Measurement Jan2007

Topics addressed or to be addressed in LPC: Links:
900 GeV collisions LPC1 , LTC2007-15
Experimental magnets (effect on beams, commiss., polarities, etc.) LPC2 , LHCCWG36 - 42, Cham XV , LPC09nov09 , LPN419
ALICE commissioning during LHC turn-on LPC3
ATLAS commissioning during LHC turn-on (and LHCf) LPC4
LHCb commissioning during LHC turn-on LPC5
CMS commissioning during LHC turn-on LPC6
TOTEM commissioning during LHC turn-on LPC8
2008 Pilot run target parameters LPC9
How critical is the value of the collision energy ? ChamXII , ChamXIV , ChamXV , eLTC
Bringing beams in collision, optimizing beam conditions (lumi, bkg, status page) Wkshop , LHC Bkg page
Alternative filling schemes LPC9 , LTC90 , LHCC93 , LPN415
Organizing accesses during LHC runs LPC16jun08 , LPC12oct09
Experiments commissioning during beam commissioning LPC26oct09 , LPC16nov09
Stable/unstable beam modes LPC02nov09
2009-2010 Pilot run target parameters LPC07may09 , LPC14sep09

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